The Grand Statement

We can’t say much just yet, but we can say that UMNAI has something new to add to the XAI toolbox. We believe this will empower a paradigm shift in the application, efficacy and acceptability of AI. We think that what we will release will power, a functionally significant step change in the use and application of AI in many areas of AI deployment.

We foresee AI participating in a dialogic relationship with humans and other systems.

We see the possibility of real-time, in-line and informed human intervention in AI outcomes without friction, time lag or deterioration of process flow.

We anticipate a transformation in the control, audit and evolution of AI systems.

We see AI relinquishing its veiled solitude in favour of openness and transparency.

Better XAI

Most current Explainable AI (XAI) solutions try to figure out what’s in the AI black box by analyzing the answers that come out of that box. This is better than nothing, and often good enough. But it is far from ideal.

A more useful XAI will tell you precisely why that specific answer came out of the box.

A better XAI will empower us humans to expect the best answer rather than a good enough answer.

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More impactful XAI will re-empower humans to meaningfully audit, disagree with and negotiate AI decisions.

More useable XAI will turbocharge and simplify AI development and deployment

Good XAI will be a foundation for meaningful and impactful regulation and audit.

Watch this space

The Team

Umnai is based in Europe and North America and consists of experienced entrepreneurs, technology, product, financial and marketing experts. The three co-founders of Umnai are Angelo Dalli, Olga Finkel and Mauro Pirrone.

Angelo Dalli is a serial entrepreneur and well known European super angel investor, who has a Ph.D. in AI from the UK and has been involved in a number of successful business over the last 20 years. Angelo has been involved in more than 4 successful exits, IPOs and investments, programmed his first neural net in 1998 and won the bronze medal at the International Olympiads in Informatics in 1995. Olga Finkel is an entrepreneur and legal expert, who has both law and computer science degrees and has been involved in setting up her own law firm and advised a number of leading high tech companies. Olga brings more than 25 years of experience in law and IT. Mauro Pirrone is an entrepreneur and technology expert, with over 5 years of experience in data science and platform architecture design, and having a degree in AI from Malta. Mauro has been previously involved in a big data analytics company in a similar role. The co-founding team have been working together for over 8 years.

The founders are complimented by a world-class management and engineering team with a wide range of experience on finance, investments, marketing, sales, consultancy, data science, big data, user experience design and operations.

  • Angelo Dalli Angelo Dalli, CEO & Co-Founder (Serial Entrepreneur, Global Super Angel)
  • Olga Finkel Olga Finkel, Chief Legal Officer & Investors Relations & Co-Founder (Global Super Angel)
  • Mauro Pirrone Mauro Pirrone, Chief Software Architect & Co-Founder
  • Ken Cassar Ken Cassar, Head of Business Development
  • Adrian Spiteri Adrian Spiteri, Chief Financial Officer
  • Alex Tanti Alex Tanti, Head of Technical Operations
  • Francesco Caruana Francesco Caruana, AI Platform Expert

Our Advisors

  • Yorick Wilks Yorick Wilks, AI Natural Language & Semantics Experts (Winner of Loebner Prize, Inventor of Machine Translation)
  • Noel Sharkey Noel Sharkey, AI Ethics & Robotics Epert & United Nations ICRAC Lead (Chief Judge on Robot Wars)
  • Mike Rosner Mike Rosner, AI Natural Language and Document Understanding Expert (Early key figure in Switzerland's AI Industry
  • Matthew Montebello Matthew Montebello, AI Distributed Agent, Navigation & Task Assistance Expert
  • Keith Galea Keith Galea, Software Constulancy & Productization Expert
  • Brian Fenech Brian Fenech, Software Platform Architecture Expert

Technology Advisors

Our management team is complimented by a world-class advisory board. Our advisors are Yorick Wilks, inventor of the first machine translation system and winner of the Loebner Prize (the equivalent of the Nobel Prize in AI), Noel Sharkey, chair of the United Nations ICRAC committee and ethical AI expert (and Robot Wars lead judge), Mike Rosner, natural language processing expert and pioneer of the AI industry in Switzerland and Matthew Montebello, agent technology and computer vision expert with extensive experience on AI and education.

Business Advisors

Our business advisory board for different verticals draws together a team of experienced entrepreneurs and experts in their fields. Our advisors are Ken Cassar, a payments and risk management expert and marketing guru, Keith Galea, professional services and business consultancy expert, Brian Fenech, technology expert and Adrian Spiteri, financial and investments expert.

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